Moon Express Unveils "MX-1" Lunar Lander Spacecraft Design at Autodesk University in Las Vegas

Moon Express MX-1 Spacecraft explores the Moon and the cosmos from the lunar south poleI've just returned from Las Vegas where on Thursday, December 5th, we unveiled our Moon Express "MX-1" spacecraft to an audience of ~10,000 people gathered at the closing session of Autodesk University 2013.

It was a great day for Moon Express, and, we hope, for some renewed public attention on the Moon and the opportunity we all have to redefine the possible and do what only superpowers could do just a few decades ago.

We are all empowered by the tools of exponential technologies and the resources of infinite computing, together with digital design and fabrication tools that allow individuals to do what it took whole companies to do back in the days of Apollo. Autodesk is a company at the leading edge that not only gets this new era of digital design but has helped create and enable it. We couldn't have asked for a better venue, a better stage or a better partner than Autodesk to help us unveil our MX-1 spacecraft design.

Some of the Moon Express Team @ AU Closing CeremonyI am so proud of the entire Moon Express team, from our engineers to our marketing team, who all worked so hard to make our unveiling a success. A great mock-up, a shiny new website, complex VIP logisitics, and the production of content, messaging and media coordination that had to all come together seemlessly in real time in front of a live audience of 10,000 people... with space fans Penn & Teller watching in the wings who were sure to take no prisoners if things didn't go as planned... the pressure was on and everyone did great, calmly smoothing (the remarkably few) glitches, all while capturing and enjoying the moment.

For those of us who grew up in the theater industry, we know that once the curtain rises, the show must go on. And it did, brilliantly, as it will continue to do. My role on stage was a small part of a very big production. It was a priviledge to represent the hearts and efforts of all Moon Express staff and those who have been early believers in us -- our investors, and particularly my co-founder Naveen Jain and Barney Pell, without whom Moon Express just would not have been possible. And of course our friends at Autodesk, who made this wonderful unveiling opportunity possible and made us look so good. 

I am happy to see the Moon rising in the public's eyes; a story that took on a little more momentum this week as more people discover the U.S. private sector's interest in exploring and developing the Moon.  We thank our friends at NASA on whose shoulders we stand and who have been so open to helping create a new paradigm of public-private partnership in the U.S. return to the Moon. And we applaud the efforts of all the Google Lunar XPRIZE teams that are finding new and innovative ways to add their own momentum to the story, and, we hope, raise the level of this competition to meet the original spirit and vision of our friends at XPRIZE Foundation and Google and all those working hard to make the Google Lunar XPRIZE an important part of the next era of lunar exploration.
THANK YOU to all of you for being a part of this adventure and helping create Moon 2.0!
There was and continues to be a lot of media attention on our MX-1 unveiling, but here are the first movers whose efforts to help us launch the story we very much appreciate:
And here's the video of the AU Closing Session (Moon Express segment begins ~16:00)
With a special thanks to our Autodesk friends for helping create a great moment for Moon Express, and now, on to completing the build and flight testing of the MX-1... 
Whether you're a collaborator or competitor, I hope you'll use these important days with the Moon in the news to tell everyone you know about the importance of "Moon 2.0".
Let's make it so.
Ad luna!
~ Bob ~

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