MX-1 Unveiling Behind the Scenes: Sir Richard Branson, Tim Pickens & Moon Express Founders

With the Moon rising in the public eye and a new era of lunar exploration upon us, Moon Express is happy to be able to share some of our technical developments, beginning with the unveiling of our MX-1 multi-purpose spacecraft/lander on Dec 5th in Las Vegas at the Autodesk University Closing Session. 

Here’s a Trailer and some other clips from our upcoming “Behind the Scenes” video of this spectacular event, which was made possible by our friends at Autodesk:

The Moon Express MX-1 commercial lunar lander unveiling drew congratulations from many corners. Following the show we were thrilled to get a video congratulation from our friend Sir Richard Branson, whose passion and vision for Virgin Galactic reaches to the Moon and beyond….:

The people behind the commercial space industry are very interconnected and we are cheering on our friends at Virgin Galactic as well. Our Chief Propulsion engineer, Tim Pickens, was the lead propulsion engineer for SpaceShipOne, which won the $10M Ansari XPRIZE in 2004, paving the way for a new era in private spaceflight and the development of SpaceShipTwo under the entrepreneurial vision of Richard through his Virgin Galactic company. Tim is focused on helping Moon Express reach the Moon now, and is the main man behind our innovative MX-1 propulsion system and the development of 3 new rocket engines for us that use “green fuels” of hydrogen peroxide and kerosene. Here are his thoughts on the MX-1:

My co-founders Naveen Jain and Barney Pell have empowered our entrepreneurial vision and share my conviction about the Moon as a world of bold aspiration and game changing commerce. Naveen sent us a greeting from Necker Island, and Barney was with us in Vegas for the big event:

At Moon Express we think the Moon is very important to our future on Earth and in space, and we’re hoping China’s successful robotic landing on the Moon yesterday will inspire a new surge of public and political opinion about the importance of a U.S. return to the lunar surface under a new paradigm of public private partnership and entrepreneurial enterprise.

By exploring the Moon as entrepreneurs, we hope to open up a whole new economic sphere for humanity and usher in Moon 2.0.

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