Moon Express Welcomes Space Mission Veteran Dr. Michael Sims as Vice President, Software & Chief Robotics Officer

Among my favorite things at Moon Express is welcoming great people to the team.  Today I had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Michael Sims, who joins us as Vice President, Software & Chief Robotics Officer.  A veteran of NASA for over 25 years with a Ph.D. in Mathematics, Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence, not many planetary missions have launched absent Michael’s influence or direct touch.  Mars Exploration Rover (MER) Co-investigator; member of the operations and science teams of MER and Mars Pathfinder; and Founder of the Connect Lab and Intelligent Robotics Lab at the NASA Ames Research Center are just a few of his key roles in our exploration of space and other planetary bodies.

Of his work on MER, Michael has said, “For many individuals the exploration of space and the scientific investigation of outer space are in support of their careers and who they are. For me that equation is turned around. I see myself and my career as tools to be used in our exploration of space. I want to use that tool (i.e., “Michael Sims”) as effectively as I can. If I am used up or broken in the process and that betters the goal of our exploration of space then that's great. I'm all about humans exploring and living beyond Earth. The Mars Exploration Rovers and other robotic missions are part of that exploration and steps on our journey. I have a strong sense of humility in working with the MER team and pride to be a part of this. To me it is such an honor to be one of the keepers of the dream.”

We are so pleased that Michael has joined Moon Express to apply his passion and experience to our common dream to get back to the Moon and leverage its knowledge and resources in humanity’s expansion as a multi-world species.  What a great time to be in the space sector when we can boldly say such things, and to have amazing people like Michael join the commercial space sector in our efforts to compliment and expand the amazing work that NASA has done and continues to do under its core mandates and new paradigms of commercial partnerships.

Welcome Michael!

~ Bob ~


Here’s Michael speaking at TEDxNASA @ SiliconValley in 2011:

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