Moon Express / NASA Mighty Eagle Free Flight Test 11/25

Moon Express passed its Flight Readiness Review with NASA today for its first closed loop free flight test on Monday, November 25th.  The test will be another important step in our progressive test series at the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) in Huntsville, Alabama, this time putting our flight software in the contol loop of NASA's Mighty Eagle prototype lunar lander during an untethered hover flight.

Moon Express / Mighty Eagle Tethered Test (Nov 14, 2013)Following our tethered test flight on November 14th (pictured here), we looked at the flight data and ran more sims with NASA, gaining confidence that our GNC software is working properly and ready for the next level of testing. Today we got the green light from NASA and, weather permitting, we'll be flying the Mighty Eagle on Monday with "no strings attached".

Our plan is to perform a ~10' hover test that proves out additional aspects of our flight software control features and provides us more in depth data for our continuing development and fine tuning of our software systems.

The collaboration with NASA MSFC continues to be very helpful in our development of our GNC flight software and the support and encouragement from NASA and the Mighty Eagle team has been exceptional every step of the way.

Local media will be in attendance at the test. We will not be able to produce a live feed, but we'll be sharing results as openly and quickly as we can. The best place to follow the test will be through Twitter at @NASAMightyEagle and @Moon_Ex.

Wish us luck!


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