[Announcement] New Team Name is "HAKUTO"



We, White Label Space, are excited to annouce our new team name “Hakuto”.

“Hakuto” is based on a Japanese fairy tale of a rabbit on the moon.

This name is also used for our rover's name which was originally chosen by our supporters.

Did you know that there is a rabbit on the Moon? and it’s pounding a rice cake? Well, let’s take a look!

Here! Do you see a rabbit?

A Japanese anthology-“Konjakumonogatari” goes like this.


Once up on a time, there was an old man begging for food. A monkey, fox and a rabbit came to him. The monkey picked fruits from trees, the fox hunted fishes, but the rabbit could only collected grass. Instead of the grass, the rabbit offered its own meat to feed him. The old man is actually the Taishakuten(one of the Gods in Japan). He felt sorry for the rabbit and carried it to the moon.


The moon and a rabbit might sound like a weird combination but it’s closely connected in Japan. They remind me of the old days when my grandmother told me this story while looking up the moon together.

The rename process was not easy.  We spent hours to discuss what’s the best name for the team. We finally made up our mind based on our dream. Our goal and dream will not only be for an individual, it will be for everyone who shares our dream. 

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