Hakuto in Events

We have been travelling all over Japan to visit many events for the last couple of months. We got to meet many people in these events there and let them get interested in Hakuto and GLXP’s challenge to the moon. Here are the highlights

KYOTO International MANGA ANIME Fair 2013

We demonstrated our rover with collaborating with a very popular anime “Space Brothers” which is about two brothers challenge to go into the space. We got to meet and talk with many people rather than people who are already interested in space. *Photo with Titan’s statue from “Attack on Titan”


Science Stadium 2013, Japanese public broadcasting NHK’s festival

We joined NHK’s public recording and demonstrated rover testing with everyone watching. Our demonstration has been national televised. *Photo with Curiosity’s life-size mockup


Kamakura Manufacturing Exhibition

We enjoyed Rover Challenge (game for children) with local children in Kamakura where there are many shrines and temples.


Maker Fair TOKYO 2013

Hakuto joined this event with our rover. Our rover was very famous among visitors and medias. 


International Robot Exhibition 2013

We exhibit our rover jointly with Japan space Elevator Association.

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