Welcome to the Science Kingdom!

On 11th of May, the Science Kingdom, a science educational program for elementary students, has been founded in Ryogoku Elementary School, Tokyo.

We were honered to become the family of the Science Kingdom and welcome our little guests.

In the Kingdom, we set up our booth as well as other hosts to show science related activity such as recycling technology of waste, plastic bottle rockets, balloon volleyball and so on. The purpose of the Kingdom is to help children learn about science and hopefully...fascinate them!

In our booth, we set up the rover challenge course to let our kids operate PM-2. We didn’t only let them play with the rover, but also talked about the space. ( without big words ofcourse!)


We had to be creative to keep them interested. After all, our rover is the one which got the most attention!

At the end of the day, we promised to see each other again.

See you again in the Kingdom!

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