Weekly Space News: A Beautiful Supermoon on November 14th

Weekly Space News: A Beautiful Supermoon on November 14th

A lovely sight is coming to a sky near you: the biggest Supermoon since 1948.

As the Moon orbits the Earth it gets closer and farther away. This coming Monday, November 14th, the Moon will be closer to the Earth than it has been in 68 years.

A video from NASA encouraging you to check this Moon out!

While supermoons don’t look dramatically larger, they are actually brighter, bigger, and more beautiful, making for a skygazing opportunity that will not be this good again until 2034!

It’s good timing for increased public interest in the Moon, as private and government efforts around the world look to get us back for good. By the time the Moon is this close to the Earth again, people will almost certainly be living on it, and possibly even vacationing there as space tourists.

You don’t want to miss this exciting opportunity on Monday to go outside, possibly even grab a telescope, and look at the Supermoon while reflecting on our past - our future - and where we should go next.


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Author: Nick Azer; Editor: Susan Emmer

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