Watch: Audi and Part-Time Scientists! Four Great Videos

Watch: Audi and Part-Time Scientists! Four Great Videos

As you may have heard, brilliant German automaker Audi has joined Google Lunar XPRIZE team Part-Time Scientists' mission as a major partner!

And as part of this epic new partnership, Audi has produced four really fascinating new videos about the team.

Starting with a cool introduction:

And then delving into the choices made behind the design of the new-edition Audi lunar quattro rover:

Then, a feature on the personalities of the "full-time crazy" Part-Time Scientists, who have been driven to take on this huge lunar dream---and are starting to see it pay off (with support like this!):

And last, but not least...why the Moon? And how? What's it going to take to launch their lander and rovers? A visual approach from Audi on how this historic mission will go down:

For even more on Part-Time Scientists, check out the amazing, article-laden new website that Audi has produced: Mission-to-the-Moon.com! It has tons of more detail on Audi's approach, the evolution and history of the 'Moon rover', the people (like Karsten and Jurgen) on this mission; and more! It's a smorgasborg of futurist's optimism, and a demonstration of just how far along the Google Lunar XPRIZE has caught on, with both the public and mainstream sponsors & partner organizations.

Big sponsors & partners like this have been coming along all year (from Mexico and India, and Japan and Pittsburgh, to the Moon!), so stay tuned---who knows who might be next as we get closer and closer to the Moon!

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