Thirty Finalists Named in Annual MOONBOTS Challenge

Thirty Finalists Named in Annual MOONBOTS Challenge

The Google Lunar XPRIZE announced the 30 finalists for MOONBOTS, an annual global educational competition open to students from 8 to 17 years old. In all, 230 teams from 29 countries registered to compete. As part of the requirements for Phase One, kids were asked to produce a one-of-a-kind tale about what inspired them about the Moon. Thirty finalists were selected to move onto Phase Two, where they will be challenged to build a robot that can successfully explore a hand-crafted lunar surface to share and teach with their local communities in their respective countries.

The 30 teams are: Artemis (US); BetaBots (US); ChanrdBots (US), Comedy on the Moon (US); Droids Robotics (US); GAG EV3 (Estonia); Highlander (Malaysia); LIFE MISSION (Israel); Linked Lunas (US); LIZARDS IN SPACE (US); Lunar Candy (Thailand); Lunar Dragons (US); Mecaliks (Mexico); Moon Colonizers (US); MoonExplorers (Brazil); Moonshot (Italy); Moonsticks (Israel); Phosphene One (US); Project Gibbous (US); Purely Quantum Coders (US); STEAMBots (US); Super Treehouse Bros (US); Team Chandra (India); Team GalacTechs (US); The Dreamers (Israel); To the Moon and Beyond (US); TorchBots (US); Turtle Explorer (Romania); Wolf Corp Robotics (US); and Xbots (Brazil).

Check out some of the amazing tales these MOONBOTS teams have created.

For more information about MOONBOTS, and to follow along with the thirty finalist teams, please visit: www.moonbots.org.

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