Six TED Talks on What's Next For Space & the Moon: The Budapest-Moon Distance

Six TED Talks on What's Next For Space & the Moon: The Budapest-Moon Distance

Do you love inspiration? Do you love space?

Then we have a gold mine for you!

Here's six epic TED talks from [email protected]. Held alongside the 2014 Google Lunar XPRIZE Team Summit in Budapest (hosted by team Puli ), some of the newest faces-for-space took the stage for "The Budapest-Moon Distance", talking about everything from the future of the Apollo sites, to who owns space legally (and the ramifications), to the current adventures of cool robots (and how to follow your dreams and send off one of your own)! These are the hot-button topics and inspirational sparks that will help define space as it approaches a new golden age, and these discussions are starting now---so watch on, and join the conversation using #GLXP!

Derek Webber, Judge, Google Lunar XPRIZE: Claiming the Future, Protecting the Past

Should the Apollo sites become a national park? Can they be explored---carefully---and what could potentially be learned from the sites today? Derek Webber---an official Judge for the Google Lunar XPRIZE, Smithsonian docent, and Executive Director of Spaceport Associates---talks about Apollo heritage, and what can be done to both honor and investigate the Apollo Moon sites today:

Joel Carnes, VP of Prize Operations, XPRIZE: The Power of Prizes 

Why a 'prize'? Why offer $20 million for going to the Moon with a robot---or $25,000 for flying over the Atlantic (in 1919)? Joel Carnes, VP of Prize Operations at XPRIZE, talks about the legacy of Charles Lindbergh (who broke open aviation by winning, as an underdog no less, the $25,000 Orteig Prize) and why prizes work----even if the efforts usually cost more than the prize itself:

Justine Kasznica, Esq., Chairman---Innovation Practice Group, Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP: Who Owns Space?

Is mining the Moon legal? Can land be claimed on the Moon, and who owns Space?  Turns out, it's our generation that will be deciding! Justine Kascznia, Esq., goes over the fascinating legal ramifications (and opportunities) that lie ahead for newspace companies and explorers, and how the legal precedents we will be setting now could last for a very, very long time:

Mohd Izmir Yamin, Team Leader, Independence-X: Spinoff 2.0

How do you dream big, and create change? What spurs that on? Independence-X 's Mohd Izmir Yamin talks his story, and about what it takes to not only have a dream, but to make it a reality:

John Walker, Rover Development Lead, Hakuto: What Do We Do With a Lunar Cave After We Find One?

Caves on the Moon were just discovered in the past 10 years, and have never been explored---what could be found there? And what kinds of cool robots could be used to explore them? John Walker, Rover Development Lead of Japan's Hakuto , talks about the thrilling opportunities these lunar lava tubes will present:

Dr. Tibor Pacher, Team Leader, Puli: Everything Is Hard For One, Nothing Is Impossible For Many

What does it take to shoot for the Moon---to take inspiration from the stars in the sky, and turn that into a real effort to go there? Puli 's leader, Dr. Tibor Pacher, talks about what inspirations---and challenges---he found in making his moonshot, and the secrets to not only retain, but shoot for your dreams:


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