Say Hello to: Sagan!

Say Hello to: Sagan!

That handsome gent you see above is: Sagan. The Moon explorer!

He's the Moon robot for Florida-based Google Lunar XPRIZE team Omega Envoy, and he's got a sharp new look, as he prepares for testing:

#Sagan is coming together! Thank you @SSYS_Detroit @Stratasys for all your support!! #Moon #UCFAlumni @glxp pic.twitter.com/iDCd4ff9Uu

— OmegaEnvoy (@OmegaEnvoy) March 30, 2015

Those shout-outs are to 3D printing company Stratasys. Wave of the future!

For more 3D printing action from Omega Envoy, check out this video of their students producing a lunar camera housing; and stay tuned for any future looks at the new Sagan!

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