Rockin' Out, with Uni the Moon Rover

Rockin' Out, with Uni the Moon Rover

Google Lunar XPRIZE team Angelicvm's speedy-looking lunar rover, Uni, is proving to be quite the adventurer---and he's got his own series of animated shorts!

In the latest episode---just posted---he rocks out, rather literally, on the surface of the Moon:

Quite the rockstar.

If you love cute robots like this...

Kids 8-17 years old can build their own in MOONBOTS: A Google Lunar XPRIZE Challenge!

Registration's still open, and kids can win cool prizes...like a trip to Japan!!

So, if you know any young builders who might get inspired by a cute lil' guy like Uni here, you should show them this video & get a MOONBOTS team going :)

For more of Uni's adventures, and other great Team Angelicvm videos, check out their awesome YouTube channel! And stay tuned here at the Google Lunar XPRIZE blog for all the coolest new stuff from the teams...

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