Reenacting A Classic Anime---On The Moon!

Reenacting A Classic Anime---On The Moon!

That, is the Spear of Longinus.

"The what?"

[Image: kinirokay.com, from the famous anime.]

It's a weapon from Neon Genesis Evangelion---a classic anime from the 90's that was set in the year 2015. And so, in order to celebrate that anniversary, Project Longinus wants to deliver the spear to the Moon (where an Evangelion character threw it in the anime series), in real life.

And they plan to use a Google Lunar XPRIZE team to get there: Hakuto!

Hakuto, who already have serious nerd cred for naming their rovers "Tetris" and "Moonraker" (seen above, right), would carry a replica of the spear to the Moon, and plant it there (in the name of anime/Eva/pop culture geeks everywhere). They will also race fellow teams like Astrobotic on the surface, and then explore a Moon cave---as if this wasn't awesome enough already.

Great stories inspire us to do great things in our lives; and going to the Moon, for real, isn't easy without a little epic inspiration like this to lighten things up!

Going to the Moon also involves money, which is why the project (from Project Longinus, versus team Hakuto themselves) is connected to an (epic) crowdfunding campaign on ReadyFor, which has already become the fastest-growing Japanese crowdfunding project ever!

To hear more of Hakuto's own story, watch their Google Lunar XPRIZE Team Hangout, which just aired yesterday!:

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