Moon Race Roundup #115: $35 Million

Moon Race Roundup #115: $35 Million

This week, on the road to the Moon…

Launch Talks: $35 million to the Moon

That’s India’s Mars Orbiter Mission, which made it to Mars for only $74 million.

And now, a Google Lunar XPRIZE team from India is planning to head to the Moon for less than half of that!

Team Indus---of Bangalore, India---have just recently passed a major technical review by the ISRO (India’s space agency), and now they’re in talks to have the ISRO launch their $35 million Moon mission!

Dialogues have started and we hope to get the good news soon." - Team Indus on securing a launch with India’s ISRO

Exciting news! With that, plus their efforts to win some of the $6 million in Milestone Prizes available to teams this year, they’re a team to watch!

Stars and Milestones: Catching the Media

And speaking of “teams to watch”, Team Indus is only one of the five teams that ended up tackling the $6 million in Milestone Prizes. Two more---Astrobotic, of Pittsburgh, and Moon Express of Silicon Valley---have been busy catching the eye of mainstream media!

Both teams were featured on an episode of the new science show, Xploration Space (watch on Hulu), hosted by Emily Calandrelli---seen here sporting one of the many #GLXP shirts that are available out there!:

While Moon Express was visited by the popular online channel from VICE, Motherboard (segment beginning at 00:12:00):

Sponsorships Galore

Those $6 million in Milestone Prizes aren’t the only way for teams to pick up an edge in the competition, though, as team Omega Envoy of Florida showed in picking up several new sponsorships!:

Australian software company, Altium; Boca Bearings; and Vision Engineering Solutions, LLC!:

This just goes to show that though there’s five teams competing for this year’s $6 million Milestone Prizes, it’s still an 18-team race for the Grand Prize (& more)---so keep an eye out, around the globe!

Future Astronauts: Inspiring the Next Generation

And while getting to the Moon is important work, so is inspiring the next generation to stay there, for good---as Penn State Lunar Lion has been doing with young Pennsylvanians:

3D printing, the Moon, and the kids of today---three important fixtures of our future!

The exciting times of today will be defining what happens in our future tomorrow---so stay tuned for more future-defining developments from the Google Lunar XPRIZE every week, and use #GLXP on social to have your own say!


I'll be rounding these up every week---as the teams march forward towards history----so keep an eye here for the latest developments from your space race! You can also sign up for the XPRIZE newsletter to get exciting innovation news in your inbox, and follow the #GLXP on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook (where yours truly is your community manager for all things awesome happening in space today).


-Nick Azer


[October 24th-October 31st, 2014.]

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