Moon Minute: Launch Pad is "Go" in New Zealand

Moon Minute: Launch Pad is "Go" in New Zealand

New Zealand company Rocket Lab has officially opened their launch facility on the Mahia Peninsula!

Hailed as the world’s first private orbital launch complex (as other private launch companies like SpaceX or Orbital ATK, have used government launch pads), the facility in northeastern New Zealand will be the home to Google Lunar XPRIZE team Moon Express’ lunar launch next year.

“This is one milestone of many, so there's still plenty to go and plenty to knock down, but it's certainly great to mark the completion of the launch complex and officially open it." – Peter Beck, founder and CEO, Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab, established 10 years ago before eventually following their plans for the epic Electron rocket, plan to do the first test flights later this yea, and then to have the highest frequency of launches of any site in the world.

It looks to be a bold new evolution of rocket commerce, and an exciting time to keep an eye on the company as their plans roll out into reality!


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Author: Nick Azer; Editor: Susan Emmer

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