Moon Cheese?: The Favorite Junk Foods of #GLXP Space Engineers

Moon Cheese?: The Favorite Junk Foods of #GLXP Space Engineers

Is the Moon made of cheese?

Sadly, no. But---in honor of the recent National Junk Food Day here in the U.S.---we decided to ask the Google Lunar XPRIZE teams: What is your favorite snack? What's the 'junk food' that makes you 'go', even in the lab at 7pm on a Saturday, as you work towards the Moon?

And we got some awesome responses! 

So, without further ado, here's the favorite snacks that have been inspiring our engineers, scientists, dreamers, & explorers from around the world to keep on going for the Moon:

Aha! So there IS Moon Cheese! But, as it turns out, it's actually just a delicious snack to be found here on Earth, beloved by team Astrobotic. (...and yours truly...!) It's even (reasonably) healthy!

The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based team also shared a local city favorite: Junior Mints, from Grandpa Joe's!:

"We decided to take pictures with our favorite candy from our favorite local candy store---Grampa Joe's. When we need a candy fix, Grampa Joes is the place to go!" - Jackie Erickson, Astrobotic

A little sweet's always good for the creativity, right?

Team Puli (from Budapest, Hungary) agrees---as they have a deep abiding love of Neapolitan Wafers!

"In the following pics You can see Matyi (Mátyás Hazadi, our Electrical Engineering Group Coordinator) - he is, btw an absolute Cheeseburger fan -, thinking obviously on the extremely beneficial effects of Neapolitan Wafers." - Tibor Pacher, Team Puli

A lot of (already-consumed) wafers, it appears like!

It's nightime in the lab there for Puli, so yes---a lot of long, snack-fueled nights when you're building a Moon mission like these!

And when team Part-Time Scientists were moving into their new digs in Berlin, apparently someone (named Frank) figured:

"The sign reads: 'Thanks Frank' because a random guy named Frank just sent us 50€ bucks to our new office to buy Pizza. Stuff like this happening tells stories about peoples expectations for our Junk food habits ;-)" - Robert Bohme, Part-Time Scientists

Epic. And for an epic run-down, we actually got the favorite snacks from nearly everyone on Florida's team Omega Envoy:

"When team Omega Envoy is struggling to get through those long days building Sagan, we like to indulge in the following!

Ruben Nunez: Monster and beef jerky

Jillian Gloria: Milky Way chocolate bars

Akshita Parupalli: Kit-Kats

Matt Tourtelot: Amp energy drink and Doritos

Matthew Roland:  Mountain Dew and Sour Patch kids

Brandon McCulloh: Gummy bears

Gavin Bell: Cheetos Hot Fries

David Levin: Dark Chocolate"

All-american for the University of Central Florida-based team!

But what does an engineer in, say, Israel carry the day with?

"You can add Bourekas to our junk food menu. It is very popular on SpaceIL team meetings and full of trans fat." - Oshrat Slama, team SpaceIL

"Hummus is one of our most favourite junk foods." - Yariv Bash, SpaceIL

Sounds delicious!

And, last but not least, Alex Dobrianski of Vancouver's Plan B has his own rocket science:

"Alarm mixture: in the morning, after wake up, 1 gallon of coffee. After midnight (for good sleep), 1 gallon of coffee.

Drink: 34.1526g (~one ounce) of rocket fuel (40% mixture with water, organic, grape, oak barreled for 5 years at least, Armenian made preferable.)"

It's a colorful, and well-rounded, cast of people out there who have decided to make their own Moon missions! To meet more of them (and in depth), watch this introduction below, and check out our playlist of Google Lunar XPRIZE Team Hangouts!

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