Kaunertal, Then the Moon: An August Alps Test for Puli

Kaunertal, Then the Moon: An August Alps Test for Puli

Paging all Europeans (and world travelers)...

Google Lunar XPRIZE team Puli will be conducting a field test this August in the Alps (Kaunertal region pictured above; image: Wikipedia)! As part of a wider Mars simulation at Kaunertal Glacier, Austria:

The simulation, called AMADEE-15, will be complete with spacesuits & everything!

Puli's trusty Moon rovers have performed field tests like these before, including in places like Morocco (where they were also participating in a Mars simulation):

And in Mauna Kea, Hawaii, where they challenged the Moon-like slopes and tested remote communication:

So now, the team will be adding this field test in Europe to their resume before heading off to the eighth continent...the Moon!

For more about team Puli, catch our Google Lunar XPRIZE Team Hangout for May below, which included Puli as well as Hungarian MOONBOTS champions HungaroBots and fellow Google Lunar XPRIZE team SpaceIL!:

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