Hang Out With Moon Pioneers!

Hang Out With Moon Pioneers!

Have you been hanging out with Moon pioneers lately?


Well, here's your chance! In a way.

We've been doing a series of Google Lunar XPRIZE Team Hangouts, airing every third Tuesday of the month, and they're jam-packed full of inspirational conversations and Moon goodness.

There's Astrobotic, talking about why they're exploring Moon caves, why there's going to be literally a robot race on the Moon (a la NASCAR or F1), and how the country of Mexico will be getting its own "Apollo Moment":

And then there's SpaceIL and Puli, of Israel and Hungary, respectively, talking about how they're inspiring tomorrow's Moon explorers---kids---and making the Moon missions of today happen:

And there was also Independence-X, talking about how they've transformed Malaysia into a space-dreaming country, looking to set up their own launches there:

There's a grand total of sixteen so far, with the next one (on Tuesday, July 21st) featuring Germany's Part-Time Scientists! (Did you catch their exciting announcement?) That's a whole Netflix-binge's worth of space inspiration, and amazing ideas---made reality. So, what are you waiting for? Save this playlist, dive in on a cozy Sunday night (or listen to the series on your way to work!), and dream of the Moon. (And all the other crazy things you can attain i life!)

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