World Space Week 2013 - Puli and Part-Time Scientists are 'Go'!

World Space Week 2013 - Puli and Part-Time Scientists are 'Go'!

Join Google Lunar XPRIZE teams on Google Hangout for World Space Week 2013 on Tuesday 8 October

While Google Lunar XPRIZE teams are usually focused on the Moon, this week some of them are seeing Red to tie in with World Space Week (WSW) 2013’s theme - Exploring Mars, Discovering Earth.  The Part Time Scientists and Team Puli are participating in a global programme of Mars analogue activities for WSW 2013. Over the next week, schools, museums and members of the public will have the opportunity to drive the Puli rover and the PTS rover, Asimov, by controlling them over the Internet. The activities will be streamed live for all to see via Google Hangout and you can also watch what’s been going on via YouTube. All activities are coordinated from the WSW 2013 Mission Control Centre run by the Austrian Space Forum (OeWF) in Innsbruck, Austria.

In a poll of all participants this morning during official launch prodeedings, The Part Time Scientists and Team Puli confirmed that: "They are Go for World Space Week 2013!"

Google Lunar XPRIZE will be hosting a Hangout On Air on Tuesday 8 October at 6pm CEST (that’s 4pm UTC and 9am PDT) to discuss how a return to the Moon could be a stepping stone to Mars, the technological challenges of exploring planetary surfaces, and how testing hardware in Moon- and Mars-like places on Earth can help our Google Lunar XPRIZE teams prepare for their Moonshots.  Nathan Wong and I will be joined by Tibor Pacher from Team Puli, Robert Boehme and Karsten Becker of the Part Time Scientists, Gernot Grömer from the Austrian Space Forum and Mars.

Hope you can join us too!


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