Why do YOU Prize Exploration? Share & You Could Win!

Why do YOU Prize Exploration? Share & You Could Win!

Have you noticed something new on this website in the past few weeks? We'll give you a hint: if you scroll to the bottom, you'll notice a new logo. That's right, Shell has officially come onboard as a sponsor of the Exploration Prize Group at the X PRIZE Foundation. So far the Google Lunar X PRIZE is the only active prize in the Exploration Prize Group, but that is likely to change in the near future. From the depths of the oceans to the reaches of space (and everything in between), X PRIZE has many ambitions to encourage explorers around the world to go forth and discover the secrets of uncharted areas.

As a part of the announcement of the sponsorship of the Exploration Prize Group, X PRIZE and Shell have partnered with Citizen Global to run a fantastic contest. Because, you know, we're pretty fond of prizes around here. So here it is: make a video about why you prize exploration, and then submit it to Citizen Global's website. Simple as that. A judging panel will select finalists, and then the winners will be determined by public voting. If your video wins, then you will get $10,000 to put toward a National Geographic Expedition (Grand Prize) or one of three runner-up prizes: a flight on Airship Ventures.  As a side note: the Nat Geo Expeditions are pretty amazing -- this could be your opportunity to go on a safari, visit Antarctica, walk the Great Wall, or dive the Great Barrier Reef!

The deadline for video submissions is April 16, 2012, so you have some time to work on your video. There are some videos already posted on the site for inspiration (including one from Anousheh Ansari), and you can submit videos here. As the Citizen Global website states, "Show us your passion—Illustrate your pursuits—Win our amazing prizes." We know that the space community has a lot of passion for exploring, so we hope that some of you will enter. Good luck, everyone!

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