Top Ten Space People and Organizations to Follow on Twitter

Top Ten Space People and Organizations to Follow on Twitter
Not a Twitter user yet? Well then here's what you're missing out on....

  1. @GLXP - OK, sorry, I just had to put a little shameless self-promotion in here
  2. @jeff_foust - Jeff Foust is a great writer and blogger. Great resource for newspace and political news.
  3. @amoroso - Paolo Amoroso, Space educator from Italy (tweets in English). Science is fun! (OH: did I mention we have a shared love of LOLcats?)
  4. @the_stargazer - Josh Nelson, Chairman of SEDS USA Executive Board. And how cool is his avatar: he's curled up inside a NGLLC crater.
  5. @NASA - Newsfeed from NASA.
  6. @KeithCowing - Keith Cowing, the most feared voice in the space community. Love him or hate him, you have to read what he says.
  7. @mmealling - Michael Mealling, VP of Business Development at Masten Space Systems. Always has his finger on the pulse of the space industry and surrounding politics.
  8. @ahoppin - Andrew Hoppin, entrepreneur. Great perspectives on the business of space, and NASA's place in that.
  9. @disco_dave - Dave Mosher, web producer for Discovery Space.
  10. @kittell - Kirk Kittell, aerospace engineer. Interesting perspectives on the technical/engineering side of space exploration.

@marsphoenix - The one that started it all. RIP.
@Pomerantz - Our own Willie P.
@peterdiamandis - Peter Diamandis, Founder and CEO, X PRIZE Foundation.

Feel free to give your own shoutouts in the comments.

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