Team Interview: Team Indus

Team Interview: Team Indus

The first team interview from the Google Lunar X PRIZE Team Summit is finally here! This year I had the chance to sit down with every team to discuss their progress, as well as their struggles, as they work towards completing the $30 million prize. Some teams have met unexpected challenged where others have overcome incredible issues and odds. We all love the robots and the technology but this is a chance for everyone to hear the individual stories and find out more about the human side of the competition. Real people using real science to solve real problems.

These interviews will be a new weekly feature on the site so be sure to stop by and check the latest news on your favorite teams!

First up on the list is our Indian team, Team Indus, lead by Rahul Narayan. Here he discusses some of the challenges posed by starting later in the competition but even in that short time, they have accomplished so much.


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