SpaceX Successful First Stage Firing of Falcon 9

SpaceX Successful First Stage Firing of Falcon 9
If you are living in Texas close to McGregor, you may have wondered what was going on last Saturday night!
Indeed, SpaceX successfully conducted a full mission-length firing of Falcon 9 first stage during nearly 3 minutes.

See the SpaceX website for the full story.

It appears that notification to the surrounding communities was kept at a minimum level - causing some people to be quite surprised - to say the least!!
Anyone living close to McGregor wants to comment on that?

Small personal note from a Frenchman: Everyone should read the statement addressed to local residents by Elon Musk until the very end: he claims that "SpaceX will bring leadership in launch back to the US. The leadership role is currently held by former Soviet Republics, France, and China." :D

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