Spaceloot- Fashion Show Winner!

Spaceloot- Fashion Show Winner!

A few days ago a posted a blog asking readers to send me some pictures of themselves dressed up in anything they could find that was space related. It was a vicious battle but after the smoke cleared there was a clear victor that stood out oh so fabulously. The winner of the first ever Final Frontier of Fashion competition is...


Congrats to our winner of the illustrious #Spaceloot, who dawned a very impressive, full body (and head) space suit, and did so with such style! So, to commemorate your victory you will be recieving a bunch of cool stuff that sticks, irons and pins onto other stuff! Oh and because I just so happen to be a wee bit of an artist, I went ahead and created a cool poster for you as well using a photo I took after my field trip to the observatory. Hope you dig and when you receive the goods, feel free to send us a pic you sporting EVERYTHING in one photo. Do it.



@Leozombie @GLXP

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