The New Google Lunar X PRIZERS- Nathan and Nick!

The New Google Lunar X PRIZERS- Nathan and Nick!

There comes a time in everyone's career when they no longer count as "the rookie" and for me that day has finally come. Yes, it's taken me 9 months but at long last we have fresh fish in the pond and it is my absolute honor to introduce them to you.

First up to the plate is Nathan Wong.

Nathan Wong is a recent graduate of the International Space University Master’s of Space Management Program in Strasbourg France, where he worked on projects ranging from quadcopters to social media use in space. Prior to his time at ISU he attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where happy cows actually come from, getting a BS in Engineering Mechanics and Astronautics. While at UW-Madison, Nathan worked on the XHab inflatable habitat competition and multiple microgravity experiments. He also completed various space internships including ones at NASA.  Nathan comes to help on both the technical and social media aspects of the Google Lunar X Prize. He's also just an all around cool dude and I think we can cause a respectable amount of mischief around here.

Next up is Nick Azer.

Nick, hailing from sunny Portland, Oregon, fell in love with the Moon after getting a Bachelor's in Urban Planning in 2007 and hearing about NASA's moon base plans. Starting up a blog on moon colonization (Luna C/I), Nick explored all kinds of things related to the Moon before landing a job blogging for NASA's MyMoon (http://mymoonspace.com). A nerd for history (and a geek in general), Nick's excited about what the future of the Moon might entail. Nick's currently finishing up two certificates in Digital Marketing & Development at Portland State University.

Nick will be putting together weekly team updates for Google Lunar X PRIZE that will act as the "Cliff Notes" to the competition. His enthusiasm for the future is an inspiration and his attention to detail will keep all of us on track with the latest highlights of the prize.

This is exciting news here at Google Lunar X PRIZE. As the family grows so does the scope of this ambitious project and big things are on the horizon. I look forward to working with both Nate and Nick because they are both brilliant men of their craft but mostly because I want to feel like Obi Wan training Anakin, passing on my Jedi knowledge.

Follow them on twitter:

Nathan Wong - @NathanPWong

Nick Azer - @NickAzerPDX


May the force be with you both!



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