A must-listen: Alex Hall on Evadot podcast

A must-listen: Alex Hall on Evadot podcast

Last week the Google Lunar X PRIZE folks were on the go with Alex presenting at the European Planetary Science Congress and myself at the International Astronautical Congress in South Africa. With hectic schedules and a lack of internet connectivity, we were fortunate to have Michael Doornbos offer to help us out for a few days with posting on our Facebook page and Twitter account. So first of all, we would like to say thank you to Michael for helping last week!

Secondly, soon after Alex arrived back in the States, she sat down and chatted with Michael on the Evadot podcast. They had some great discussions about promoting the new, emerging lunar economy, making space exciting and relevant, and she answered some of the harder (but commonly-asked) questions such as, "Why hasn't there been a Google doodle for the competition?" If you're curious about the current state of the Google Lunar X PRIZE and what's coming up next, definitely give this podcast a listen. And if you have further questions for future podcasts, leave a note in the comments here or on the Evadot site!


PODCAST LINK: Evadot Podcast #83 - Let's Take Over the Moon - with Google Lunar X PRIZE Sr. Director Alex Hall



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