MoonBots Phase 2- Watch the Winning Videos!

MoonBots Phase 2- Watch the Winning Videos!


The results are in! 147 teams from 22 countriess have tapped deep into their imaginations to create some entertaining and informative videos in the hopes of being chosen to compete in this years MoonBots challenge! The competition was tough but in the end 30 teams have been selected, but by no means what it a landslide. After much debate and judging, the results are as follows:

Anthem-A-tronicsApollo 19Atlantic MoonBotsAtomic RobotBrick Buddies Explorers
Clockwork ManiaCyborgs in CrescentDash 2 the MoonDragonBotsElectro Llamas
Fish in the BoatGladiatorsGreatest KallHungaroBotsIncredibots
Iron ReignMilkybotsModel Scout RoboticsMoon CraftersMoon Riders
MoonBlazersNebulansPlan B RoboticsRobotic AllianceRTRM
SMART FOXTeam StarlingThe Penguin MenTitanium SpringboksX-Treme Team

Phase 2

2012 has wrangled up some pretty intense competitors and hopefully they're ready to flex that scientific muscle, because this year will truly put their abilities to the test.

In previous years, teams were given a set lunar surface competition board, which they were to build and compete on, but it was the same layout for every team. The issue then became one of redundancy. These kids are smart and they all inevitably figured out the most efficient course of action when navigating these fields and, thus, ended up creating the same robots with the same general path. This is great because it shows their efficiency when problem solving, but it doesn't allow for the individual team's originality to shine.

This year, MoonBots is trying something new. We give the teams a list issues commonly faced in lunar exploration and they have to  find away to solve them. This means they have to recreate the scenario using the LEGO board pieces we provide. They also can use additional items  to create a custom lunar landscape and obstacle course for the robot to tackle. This means we should have 30 completely original ideas!

Here's what they get for making it to the finals:

  • 25 Base Plates
  • Dexter Industries Solar Panel
  • Rotacaster Wheels
  • Batteries
  • Team T-Shirts
  • MoonBots Banner
  • Stickers
  • Advertisement Cards
  • LEGO Key Chains
  • $150 Gift Card for Supplies to Build the Ultimate Lunar Landscape

All of this could not happen without the generous support of our partners. The Google Lunar X PRIZE and LEGO Group want to thank WIRED magazine, FIRST robotics, Lunabotics Mining Competition, Cleantech Open’s Night Rover Challenge, Dexter Industries, Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems, International Observe the Moon Night, Rotacaster and NASA’s Lunar Science Institute for supporting this year’s MoonBots Challenge.

Although the teams will be scored on the creativity in their construction, the real challenge lays in the educational portion of the competition. Teams will have to perform some sort of public outreach in an attempt to raise awareness and educate other about lunar science and some of the current issues that teams in the Google Lunar X PRIZE may be facing. Outreach can be as simple as demonstrating their challenge to a classroom or as grand as throwing a science fair. This, in itself, is another parallel to the GLXP teams as they try to raise awareness through social media and gain potential investor support. It all comes full circle. It's like Google Lunar X PRIZE Jr.

Check out this playlist of all 30 winning team videos. It's a blast to see what these kids come up with and if these videos are any indication of their presentations, we're in for one heck of a show.

Follow more updates on the MoonBots Facebook and Twitter. Given that the outreach portion of their challenge will have to be streamed on the web, you may get to be a part of the experience yourself!




- Leo

@GLXP @LeoZombie


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