MoonBots heads to St. Louis for FIRST World Robotics Championships

MoonBots heads to St. Louis for FIRST World Robotics Championships


What do Google Lunar X PRiZE, LEGO and high school students from all over the world have in common? PIZZA PARTIES! ROBOTS!

That's right, starting on April 26th-28th, the Google Lunar X PRIZE team will be at the FIRST World Robotics Championships and we'll be updating all the usual social media channels with up to the minute news and other cool robotic shenanigans!

Also, MoonBots will be announcing dates, prizes and details pertaining to the MoonBots competition so keep your ear to the ground and stay tuned for more information.


A few things to watch:

www.moonbots.org - MoonBots HQ. Updates, rules, prizes, videos, downloadables, team info, and much more.


@Moonbots- The primary source of all MoonBots related updates.

@GLXP - Google Lunar X PRIZE will also be tweeting MoonBots related news and anything else remotely space related at FIRST.

@XPRIZE- The X PRIZE Foundation will also have some representation at FIRST and will be tweeting from the event as well as some cool updates from the VIP dinner on Friday night.


www.facebook.com/moonbots -Moonbots facebook page with photos and news of the MoonBots events. It's still being updated but should be up and running smoothly within the next week and will be jam packed with content.

www.facebook.com/googlelunarxprize - Moonbots and other space news and photos.


If you happen to be at the FIRST World Robotics Championships be sure to stop by the LEGO booth and say "hi".  I'll have tons o' schwag to give out and I'll be doing some documenting of the event so I'd love to get some of your input!

Much more to come so be sure to follow along! See you at FIRST!


Transform and roll out.





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