Lunar Roundup: Shores of the Cosmic Ocean

Lunar Roundup: Shores of the Cosmic Ocean

One of the teams was endorsed by Carl Sagan's better half, Ann Druyan, and their Cosmos Studios!

This week, in the Google Lunar XPRIZE...

The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean

Florida-based Omega Envoy  announced that they have been endorsed by Ann Druyan---widow of Carl Sagan---and Cosmos Studios, the folks behind the original Cosmos series!

Ann Druyan with Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson---host of the new Cosmos. [AP Image]

This is no small endorsement, as Cosmos Studios is now producing a new version of the show with Neil deGrasse Tyson and being cowritten/produced by Druyan (with Steve Soter, who also worked on the original).

Omega Envoy's craft is named Sagan, so I guess that name worked out! :)

Omega Envoy's Sagan.


And for a different kind of cosmo, team Puli  's rover managed to be svelte while hitting it up in fashionable Madrid!:


Angelicvm , meanwhile, also showed off their rover---in this case, the adorably mini Angelicvm-1:

Ground Control

And ARCA  showed off their new mission control (for EXOMARS tests and more):

Lion's Pride

And last but not least, Penn State Lunar Lion  's history and background were featured in an article on the Penn State homepage site!


I’ll be rounding these up every week, so keep an eye here for the best developments from our very own moon race.

For the full skinny on everything that happens, follow the official feeds for team blogs, team social, and team videos.

And if you have any favorite stories from the week that didn’t make it in here---share them below!

May 14th-20th, 2013. 

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