Lunar Roundup: To Mars and Beyond

Lunar Roundup: To Mars and Beyond

Welcome to this week’s Lunar Roundup! A power rankings-style look at who & what’s been “Awesome!” over the last seven days of the Google Lunar X PRIZE.

There were a bunch of great videos this week, as ARCA made headlines with involvement in a major Mars mission and new progress on their rocket; Moon Express talked about becoming the FedEx of the Moon; and Team Indus, Omega Envoy, and others recapped their 2012 achievements!

The five best highlights for December 25th-December 31st:


1) Mars!

Team ARCA is going to be working on a Mars mission---the European Space Agency's ExoMars rover!

Here's the cool announcement video:

Their $1.1 million contract is for testing the (all-important) parachutes that the rover will use to land:

2) Setting the Stage!

ARCA also made headlines again with progress on the Venator engine for their full-on Haas 2C rocket:

3) FedEx!

Moon Express posted a cool video of team member Bryan Chan talking about their plans to become the "FedEx of the Moon":

4) Indus!

Team Indus posted a great intro/2012 recap video, along with a more detailed rundown of their year:

5) Earthrise!

Omega Envoy posted a recap of their own year, including the addition of a bunch of new sponsors:

Honorable Mentions:


I’ll be rounding these up on a weekly basis, so keep an eye here for all the most awesome developments.

For the full skinny on everything that happens, follow the official feeds for team blogsteam social, and team videos!

And if you have any favorite stories that I didn’t post here...share ’em in the comments below

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