Lunar Roundup: Gameplans

Lunar Roundup: Gameplans

Euroluna detailed their mission, Barcelona Moon talked rover options, and fundraising developments.

Welcome to this week’s Lunar Roundup! A power rankings-style look at who & what’s been “Awesome!” over the past week in the Google Lunar X PRIZE.

New team plans unfolded for the public this week, as Euroluna talked about their mission, Barcelona Moon talked rover options, and several teams showed off the bling with cool fundraising and sponsors. Your moon-race talking points for March 19th-March 25th:


1) The Plan!

Euroluna took a detailed look at their plans---which include landing a tiny CubeSAT on the Moon, and deploying inflatable wheels in order to move around (while saving travel space and weight in the process). Pretty cool stuff!:

2) Audibles!

Barcelona Moon showed off an interesting three-wheeled rover concept. While their primary design has been a four-wheeled rover, they've worked on other ideas along the way, as they show here:

3) Bling!

Team Plan B noted that they have succesfully sold some of their lunar currency! They've designed the 'lunaro' to be the first lunar coin, and are offering them as a fundraising effort:

"The Moon is still on the same place as it was last 4 billions years - on the sky. But your efforts and ideas made the sky closer." -Plan B, to their newest supporters

4) Sponsors!

And speaking of money, several teams picked up new sponsors!

Omega Envoy added several software sponsors---the dynamic duo of SURFCAM and Vero Software, plus CAMCAD Technologies!

Meanwhile, team Puli added Hungary's number 2 telecom company, Telenor Hungary as a sponsor!:

"Looking now at the GLXP competition and the estimated costs of a Moon mission, this sponsorship might not seem like a big deal. But it is! This sponsorship is an excellent example how little effort is needed to make a difference in space exploration." -Team Puli

5) The Turning Point!

Moon Express' resident famous rocket scientist, Tim Pickens, looked back at what the turning point was for commercial space (and his firsthand part of the proceedings during that Ansari X PRIZE):

Honorable Mentions:


I’ll be rounding these up on a weekly basis, so keep an eye here for all the most awesome developments.

For the full skinny on everything that happens, follow the official feeds for team blogs, team social, and team videos!

And if you have any favorite stories that I didn’t post here...share ’em in the comments below!

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