Happy Trails!

Happy Trails!
Well, I suppose that all things must pass. As regular readers know already, today marked the end of an era: Mike Fabio, our original Google Liaison and the person responsible for building and maintaining the online communities associated with the Google Lunar X PRIZE left for another job as of the close of business today. We're very sad to see Mike go--but we're happy for him, and excited to know that he's leaving us to pursue his first true love, a career in the music industry.

The Google Lunar X PRIZE itself will continue without Mike, as we do our best to fill the big shoes he's leaving behind. The search for a new Google Liaison will begin shortly, and in the meantime, Nicky and I will try to keep the online communities as fun and informative as possible.

But before we turn to that new chapter, let's say a proper goodbye, and pay our respects to the man who built this blog. ¡Adios, amigo!

 M. Timmons

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