Google Lunar X PRIZE... MUXTAPE style

Google Lunar X PRIZE... MUXTAPE style
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Did a pretty fun experiment today asking folks what songs they would add to a mixtape about the Moon. From that I built this fun MUXTAPE. Of course, there are a million songs about the Moon, as Will points out in the instant message quote below. Why not make your own MUXTAPE and leave it in the comments!

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So many Moon songs.
"The Moon" - Cat Power
"Moon Beats YEllow" Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
"Moon Dreams" - Miles Davis
Moon Mist - Duke Ellington
Moon on My Shoulder - Lyle Lovett
Moon Song - Bob Schneider
Moonglow - Duke Ellington
Moonlight Bay - Beatles
Moonlight in Vermont - Willie Nelson
Moonshadow - Cat Stevens
Moonshiner - Cat Power.
That's just from the M section on my ipod!
Another Moon - Meat Puppets
Bad Moon Rising - CCR
Blue Moon - Django Reinhardy
Blue Moon Rising - Gomez
Harvest Moon - Neil Young
Honky Tonk Moon - Randy Travis
How High the Moon - Ella
Howlin' at the Moon - Hank Williams. Or the Ramones.
I wish i was the moon - neko case
I wised on the moon - billie holiday
it's like reaching for the moon - billie holiday
jealous of the moon - nickel creek
man on the moon - rem
mr. moonlight - beatles
neon moon - brooks & dunn
New blue moon - travelling wilburys

Mike Fabio
ok, you need to listen to NON space music

[email protected]
pink moon - nick drake
red moon - david gray
sad lookin moon - alabama
sailboat in the moonlight - billie holiday
shoot the moon - norah jones
smog moon - matthew sweet
tuesday moon - neutral milk hotel
virginia moon - foo fighters
west texas moon - roger clyne and the peacemakers
what a little moonlight can do - billie holiday
white moon - white stripes
Not to mention other spacey songs like "surfin on a rocket - air"

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