GLXP at SXSW! Join Us, Won't You?

GLXP at SXSW! Join Us, Won't You?


SXSW (South by Southwest) is rapidly approaching and starting on Thursday, March 8, the team here at GLXP will be there first-hand to tweet, blog, Facebook and update every other form of social media we can possibly think of  to feed you as much information as humanly possible! For those of you unfamiliar with SXSW, it's essentially a meeting ground in Austin, Texas, where the entire internet gets together to talk about the latest and greatest in tech, software, and social media. GLXP is attending "South By" in order to establish some new connections in the industry, find how social media resources can be applied to benefit our cause, and of course to spread the word about the Google Lunar X PRIZE to a tech-oriented audience.

Now the question presents itself: "How does one adequately prepare for SXSW and how can we best translate the madness in an organized fashion?" It can be a lot to take in so I thought I would put together this blog in order to streamline things a bit and provide a heads-up on how you can follow the GLXP/X PRIZE team and -- if you are attending -- to find out what space-related speakers, events, and panels you can look forward to seeing (also good if you want to stalk us in person).

First things first. Who's going? How do we keep up?

It's important to understand your network and where you plan on drawing your news from. As with most conventions and shows, there are a myriad of different events going on at any given time, all with different content aimed at difference audiences. When you look at the history of SXSW it's easy to see that the cutting edge of social information sharing started here and it's no surprise that these tools are still the primary means of information extraction, ie; Twitter and Facebook. The following X PRIZE folks will be on the ground at SXSW and sharing useful info. Let's start there:

You can follow GLXP on Facebook by going to our page and hitting "like" - https://www.facebook.com/googlelunarxprize

Twiitter is the single fastest way to gain instant information from multiple sources at once, both professional and personal. You can follow our team members here:

@GLXP - The Main Twitter Page

@LeoZombie- Me.

@Alias_Amanda - My predecessor and a pro in commercial/new space.

@krynsky - The tech guru juggernaut at X PRIZE.

@TheBookey - Digital strategist supreme at X PRIZE + pro ping pong player

@megmurfff - Senior Director of XPF Alliances

@DamienSomerset - Manager of Production at X PRIZE


What cool stuff are we looking forward to?

Being in the space world (does that make sense?), we will be devoting a fair chunk of our time and efforts to some of the space-related panels and event that will be going on, but this is the cutting edge of social media and tech so it will be interesting to see what everyone brings to the table. Here is a brief list of just a few of the panels we plan on attending and some things to keep your eye on.


For a general list of space related events check out the SXSW planner here: (http://schedule.sxsw.com/2012/search?q=space)

Panels, apps, and events... Oh my!

It can be a little overwhelming to keep track of everything going on at SXSW, especially with everyone tweeting from different locations all the time. The solution is simple...sort of. Be everywhere! Rather, be connected to everyone through a centralized method. If you're attending SXSW, just keep your head on straight and follow this guide by our team member and long-time SXSW vet Mark Kynsky and you'll be well on your way.

Mark Krynsky's Sage-like advice for SXSW

In his article he mentions a few useful apps that'll help you keep track of everything that's going on, locations of events, time tables and the physical locations of individuals at the event incase you're looking for the right place to dig in your networking roots. Here are some of Mark's schedules and general suggestions... Commence the stalking!



Official SXSW Schedule



Here is a phone screenshot of Mark's must have apps for SXSW... as if I wasn't being creepy enough. This guy knows what he's talking about so it's worth being a fan.


Now for the social part of social media...

Do you plan on being at SXSW? Is there anything in particular that has caught your eye that you think is worth looking into? Maybe you have a few tips you wish to share. Whatever your insight is, please feel free to let us know. Although we are going to further our own understanding of new media and integrate ourselves with the cutting edge or technology, but our job is to represent the community and act as a reflection of your interests. Hit us up online and share your thoughts, and if you're in town stop by and say hi! We look forward to seeing/hearing/tweeting from you.


@Leozombie and @GLXP

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