GLXP By the Numbers

GLXP By the Numbers

Greetings, GLXP fans! 

A couple of weeks ago at the Google Lunar X PRIZE Team Summit, an announcement was made that team Next Giant Leap has been acquired by Moon Express. As a well-established team with several valuable partnerships (such as Draper Labs and Sierra Nevada Corporation), NGL is undoubtedly a strategic asset for Moon Express;  and it is worth noting that we fully expect to see more of these types of acquisitions and mergers occurring between teams as the competition progresses. In fact, X PRIZE considers these to be positive indicators of the maturation and advancement of the prize. 

So with all of that said, we are now officially at 25 teams. Today I was asked how many teams have registered for the competition in total since it was launched in 2007, and I thought that I'd share the answer to that question here on the blog. The following is a chart showing the number of registered teams by year.



This chart shows the number of teams entered in the competition by year, but doesn't quite tell the whole story since in any given year prior to 2011, there were teams that registered and teams that withdrew from the competition. If you look at the “Teams” page here on the GLXP website, you’ll notice that a total of 33 teams are listed: 25 active teams and 8 withdrawn teams. In actuality, a total of 36 teams have officially registered, based on numbers at the close of team registration on December 31, 2010. The 3 that are not listed on the Teams page are Team Chandah (re-named Moon Express in 2010), another team that registered but was never publicly announced before withdrawing, and one team that could no longer be listed on the website for legal reasons.

The Google Lunar X PRIZE has been running for almost 5 years now, but the landscape of the prize continuously changes as the 2015 deadline approaches. Which is all part of the fun! It is challenging to speculate as to how these numbers might change as we move forward; the past two years (2010 – 2011) have seen 3-4 teams withdraw/merge each year, but this is not necessarily an indication of a trend. We have already seen one acquisition in 2012... so what do you think -- how many teams will we have in the race at the start of 2013? 

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