Crowd-Sourced Job Interview

Crowd-Sourced Job Interview
Borrowing a page from things I learned from Mike and from all of the wonderful speakers at our recent incentive2innovate conference, I decided it would be a good idea to crowd-source the interview questions we'll eventually ask of the candidates for the yet-to-be-announced Google Liaison and Community Manager position. In one of my first tweets under the @glxp handle, I asked the community "I'm crowd-sourcing this hiring process: what questions do I think I should ask as we interview potential replacements for @revrev?" Luckily for me, ideas poured in from all around the globe:

    @revrev - Which do you prefer: I'm on a Boat or Play 'Em Off Keyboard Cat? Bonus question: now who should I take? [Note: There's some not safe for work language in "Boat"]

    @cariann - I second that!

    @amianda - consider all sm experience, not just professional. Ask how ppl meet others, hear about opportunities, take advantage of networking ...

    @amianda - find out about hobbies, clubs and interests. How do they use sm to communicate. Consider their enthusiasm and creativity.

    @amoroso - Q for comm manager candidates: what's most unusual audience segment u were able to reach/generate buzz to in prev experiences?

    @Luke_Ubiquitous - Question: Do you like to sleep? If so, you need not apply :-)

    @cariann - If they can't answer @revrev 's questions, they are not qualified.

    @Murphian - Explain how Social Media fits in2 the strategic plan 4 a non-profit. Specifically how it supports mktg, communications & fundraising

    @rsisk101 - Q1: Monster or Mt. Dew? Q2: Name 4 main char. on Big Bang Theory. Q3: Where do they shop; Brookstone or @thinkgeek? Q4: What is 42?

    @burninggoats - "Is your name on twitter @burninggoats?" if they answer yes i'd hire them on the spot!

    @sa_kyle - is this job open for outside candidates? [Note: Yes, it will be!]

    @rsisk101 - Fun Friday idea: compile the crowd sourced interview questions and let us do some crowd sourced answers ;>

    @amoroso - Q 4 comm mgr candidate: how would u explain Twitter to a kid? To a PhD? Correct answer: no need to explain Twitter to kid [Note: In a following post, @Murphian provided some data indicating that might not be the case]

    @amoroso - Q 4 community mgr candidate: what causes have YOU recently contributed/donated to?

    @quarkspin - @glxp So is the interview process more like this or this? [Note: Actually, I expect it to be more like this]

    @rsisk101 - oh, oh, another idea.... Is there resume written in 140 characters or less? If not, they are outtta here

    @eriklaan - interview question: what is the best method to structurally convert every citizen of planet Earth to become a Universe Explorer

    @D_Brooke_Owens - ask them: "are you awesome? [Note: Brooke's in Uganda! I think that makes this our longest-traveled suggestion]

    @eriklaan - interview question: what GLXP Android/Iphone application will be downloaded 1 billion times in 2012 because you promoted it?

    @matt808 - Q: How do you feel about your interview questions being crowd sourced? How have you used crowd sourcing?

    @heathervescent - if I wanted your gig, I'd ask YOU what you want out of your SM endeavors. What kind of community do you want to create? ...

    @heathervescent - ... Who is the circle of ppl you want to influence and engage? depending on that, your SM and community bld strategy may take various tactics.

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