Cité de l'Espace Meets the Google Lunar X PRIZE

Cité de l'Espace Meets the Google Lunar X PRIZE


      Approximately 1,000 participants got to learn about the Google Lunar X PRIZE and the fun and exciting education projects it has to offer at the Ecsite Conference in Cité de l'Espacein Toulouse, France.

The theme of this year’s conference was, “Space and Time, Unlimited,” and the Google Lunar X PRIZE fit right in.  The city of Toulouse has a strong science culture because over 40,000 of the city’s citizen work in the space or civil aviation fields.  Toulouse is known as being a hub for the European aerospace industry.

During this conference, more than 50 countries were represented. Science centers, museums and universities showed great enthusiasm for the Google Lunar X PRIZE and were very eager to host  activities that will facilitate space exploration education to students that reside all over the world.  The MoonBots Challenge was of great interest to this crowd and many conference participants wanted to learn more about the competition, even offering to complete trainings that would support robotic experiences for kids.  

 Participants were especially attracted in having actual Google Lunar X PRIZE Teams work with their establishments. This is a great resource because Ecsite institutions attract over 30 million visitors in their venues.  Centers offered to showcase the PRIZE and the team’s work. They were also very interested in hosting the live mission broadcasts when the teams are ready to launch.

The Google Lunar X PRIZE wants to thank Ecsite for a truly wonderful experience. We can’t wait to see everyone next year in Sweden!





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