Cheerleading in Nantes

Cheerleading in Nantes

I made it to Nantes, France, for the European Planetary Science Congress. NASA's Lunar Science Institute has graciously allowed me to hijack a corner of their exhibit booth so that I can press stickers, postcards and other information on the conference attendees! So far I've bumped into Mark Bentley who is the Team Scientist at White Label Space but I'm hoping to meet up with a few other team representatives over the coming days. Our session is tomorrow, Tuesday, at 1030. Most excitingly, there is a large space and astronomy education and outreach exhibition going on that is expecting to have many hundreds of school children and the public visit over the course of the week. So I will be also making some connections in the European education and outreach community and passing those over to teams to pursue further. The first session I'm going to is in about an hour, but most of the lunar science results are on Thursday and Friday. I'll post a roundup of the coolest discoveries and research later in the week. 

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