After the 2009 Regolith Excavation Challenge, Getting Ready for Big Lunar Lander Challenge Week, Automotive X PRIZE Downselect, More

After the 2009 Regolith Excavation Challenge, Getting Ready for Big Lunar Lander Challenge Week, Automotive X PRIZE Downselect, More
Regolith Excavation Challenge

@regolith_chal - NASA Administrator Charles Bolden talks about how @regolith_chal winners help to inspire the next generation: http://moourl.com/irp75

@doug_comstock - It looks like all 3 prizes for Regolith Excavation Challenge will be awarded!! See pictures of the competition: http://tinyurl.com/yh37a3f

@paulsrobotics - We won! Special thanks to our sponsors: WPI, Barnstorm Cycles, Hydro-cutter, AIAA New England, and Hacker Dojo! #WPI http://bit.ly/5x5Rp

article on msnbc http://bit.ly/26MLCR great photo of the team with the #WPI flag

This article includes a video of us excavating from the New Scientist http://bit.ly/C0aEm

Big Win - $750,000 in Prize Money for Lunar Excavators - The Launch Pad

From Regolith Excavation Challenge 2009:

Photos by Jamie Foster are here: Regolith-Media.
Many more photos by Jamie Foster are here: Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

(I've already pointed out some of the other links there to Regolith Excavation Challenge photos, videos, news, and more.)

@pkhomer - ... We were allowed a demo run in the sandbox after the final presentations. Our bot delivered JSC-1A at a rate of over 2 kilos per second!

... We didn't, and the teams that did put it all together won fair & square. One thing we got very right is the digger...

Will post video & details in a few days when i get home.

Google Lunar X PRIZE

@teamfrednet - Some of our members are working on a high altitude balloon to be launched soon. Here is a video showing some tests: http://bit.ly/27hRNP

@arcaspace - ARCA message in the World Kids Stories E-book no 3, after the Obama family introduction http://bit.ly/4a6LAL

Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge

Unreasonable update - RLV News

Briefs: Unreasonable update; NGLLC schedule. - RLV News

@unrocket - On site at 630

@wikkit - http://twitpic.com/mdfno - MSS Strategic Helium Repository, or the source of Talk Like a Tween Tuesday.

http://twitpic.com/mdkld - I sent a bit of text to the AV press, and they ran a nice article.

Progressive Automotive X PRIZE

@progautoxp - Auto X Prize cuts green-car contest pool in half http://ow.ly/vhQ1

Check out this multimedia news release for details, videos, slideshow and more http://ow.ly/vhXW

ThinkWrap, Auto X Prize partner for "near-real time" race vehicle monitoring - Autoblog Green

Students build green cars for $7.5M in prizes - Today Show (link from X PRIZE Foundation)

Design Judging Complete: Over Half of All Entries Eliminated - Progressive Automotive X PRIZE blog

Space Elevator Games - Power Beaming/Climbing

@lasermotive - Autumnal illnesses are striking many of us. I hope we're all healthy for the competition!

Power beam climbing at the local REI store - RLV News

Other prizes

Cheap Contest II - Selenian Boondocks

@glxp - Calling all coders! @_TopCoder_ announces NASA challenge to benefit human spaceflight: http://bit.ly/20zcQ4 (thx @spaceguy)

@pomerantz - RT @tim846: NASA FIRST Robotics Grants Available - applications due Nov. 2! More info at http://bit.ly/Bz83i (via @defygravity0G)

NASA Chief Praises Commercial Spaceflight, Suborbital Science, & Innovation Prizes in Speech - Commercial Spaceflight Federation

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