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Israel's president is touched by SpaceIL's birthday card

Remember we sent a special birthday card for the President's 90th birthday? It turned out that he was touched by it and so we received a personal “Thank You” letter from him by mail, handwritten. For those who missed it, here is a video documenting the preparations for the photo:   For your convenience, this is the content of the letter:
"Dear members of SpaceIL, please accept my profound gratitude for your warm greetings and the picture you sent for my birthday. Most of all, on my 90th birthday, I feel great happiness for the fact that most periods of my life were intertwined with the story of the creation and construction of the State of Israel. I had the wonderful privilege to serve the country and its people and to pursue peace, for the future of our children. (handwritten:) and special thanks for the photo. You look like you are standing on the launching site. It is so good to see such a group, with their eyes to the sky, which can reach such heights. Bless you - Shimon Peres".









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