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Team Indus

About Us

Team Indus has won one Milestone Prize: the Landing Prize, for a total of $1 million in prize far! (See the complete $30 million in prizes that are available)

Team Indus is a non-conformist, unconventional alliance of dreamers and explorers who will not stop short of asking for the moon.

Team Indus is India’s only entry for the Google Lunar XPRIZE.

Team Indus’ founding team is eclectic to say the least – it features a former Air Force pilot, a management guru, a branding expert who is also a turnaround honcho, a serial entrepreneur and an aerospace engineer with a passion for space. As disparate they may be on paper, they are all bound by their sheer passion and determination for this project, and by their unshakeable conviction in the Indian Entrepreneurial Spirit.

The team’s Advisory Board features some of India’s revered thought leaders from various industries, who truly believe in the the ability of this team to succeed.

Team Indus is on a mission to lead India into the next generation of space exploration and aviation technology. And while they are at it, they intend to redraw the boundaries of private initiative, inspire an entire generation of dreamers, and unforgettably impact entire communities.

And they mean to do it…It’s just rocket science, after all. Stay tuned to updates at:

Team Members

Rahul Narayan
Dilip Chabria
Sheelika Ravishankar
Nirmal Suraj
Team Leader:
Rahul Narayan
New Delhi, India

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