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About Us

The Moon has always been inaccessible to individuals and private businesses due to high costs of space travel and explorations. Team Stellar's mission is to develop a new business approach to exploration of space and creation of new technologies.

We are working hard to open up possibilities for private companies, research institutions and all those interested in space exploration. Our success is based on new technologies, expert and highly motivated professionals, and good management. Our process oriented management makes projects more efficient, reduces the cost of our services and makes our services affordable to potential partners.

Stellar is a joint venture between international companies dedicated to enable the next generation of space exploration. Team Stellar is developing advanced hardware and software solutions to reach goals set by the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition and beyond.

As a team, we base our success mostly on human resources. We have gathered an experienced, affirmed and highly motivated team of experts but we see our future in new and young professionals that we will find and educate through our educational outreach activities. Our educational programs are designed in such way as to enable talented young people to work with our best experts and learn from them. In this way, they will gain experience and knowledge, and develop on the values that we share in Stellar.

Team Members

  1. Stjepan Bedic
  2. Keith Goeller
  3. Tim Blaxland
  1. Kristina Ozvald
  2. Robert Brand
  3. Josipa Jelčić
  1. Tomislav Muić
  2. David Galea
Team Leader:
Stjepan Bedic
Croatia/Australia, International

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