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Part-Time Scientists

About Us

Team Part-Time Scientists has won two Milestone Prizes: the Mobility Prize ($500,000), and the Imaging Prize ($250,000), for a total of $750,000 in prize far! (See the complete $30 million in prizes that are available)

The Part-Time Scientists team is the first Google Lunar XPRIZE participant based primarily in Germany. The PTS team consists of dozens of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs from several countries around the world. The efforts of team members are coordinated over the Internet from their headquarters in Berlin. The team is funded in part by donations from individuals, as well as monetary and technical support from key sponsors. The PTS team is perhaps the youngest team in the Google Lunar XPRIZE, and draws on members from a number of technical disciplines including physics, information technology, electrical, mechanical, and software engineering. 

Although team members are scattered across Northern Germany and around the world, the team makes extensive use of online collaborative tools to keep everyone up to date and moving forward. In addition to developing an innovative lunar lander and rover, the team also plans to contribute to the development and building of an innovative new global communications network known as COMRAY. The COMRAY network will link together radio dishes from around the world to enable 24/7 communications with in-space assets. Utilizing amateur radio frequencies, this network could potentially provide a cheaper alternative to the currently existing government and proprietary commercial networks. To find out more about the Part-Time Scientists visit their homepage, or consider helping out

Team Members

Robert Böhme
Daniel Ziegenberg
Wesley Faler
Karsten Becker
Franklin Fomby
Michael Doornbos
Jan Luetke
Aram Khalili
Thomas Kunze
 Sven Przywarra

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