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Mystical Moon

About Us

We are a team that spans generations. Our membership includes both the wisdom of the “space age” and the imagination of youth. One of the team’s primary goals is to inspire the youth of today to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by engaging them in another “Race to the Moon”. The baby boomer or “competitive” generation was captivated and inspired by the cold war space race and the lunar landings. It is our intent to bring that “Spirit of Competition” to the future space explorers through the mentorship of some of the “baby boomers” who have actually performed space missions. Our team intends to capture the Google Lunar XPRIZE and hopefully the imagination of the next generation space scientists as well.

Please feel free to post comments and ask questions. We will do our very best to provide meaningful answers (without giving away the mystery). Stay tuned for more details of our team’s mission, goals and operational progress.

PS - We realize that we are following in the footprint of a Giant. Many thanks to the first Google Lunar XPRIZE Mystery Team “Next Giant Leap” for leading the way and providing inspiration.

- The Mystery Team: “Mystical Moon”

Team Members

  1. The Wizard Merlin
  2. MAGiC
  3. Tekkie
Team Leader:
The Wizard Merlin
United States

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