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About Us

We are Independence–X Aerospace, from Malaysia, and we are led by Mohd Izmir Yamin (Aerospace Engineering), who has extensive experience in rocket propulsion and robotic control systems.

Independence–X Aerospace has a strong fleet of strategic advisors that have served in various engineering and business fields as professional engineers, technologists and academicians. This team has technical and non-technical departments which will effectively distribute tasks based on members' expertise. Our primary advantage in joining this competition is our strategic geographical location, which helps to reduce launch costs, and the utilization of abundant direct solar reception.

Our strategy is to keep things simple and less complicated, but still able to achieve the PRIZE objectives. This will help to reduce potential errors and flaws in our system. Avoiding bureaucratic situations will help to speed up the design, fabrication, and test processes.

Our Objectives

Transform Malaysia into a developed space country by the year 2020.

Fully utilizing the advancement of space technology to improve life through enhancing businesses and industries.

Create technology spin-offs to serve local industries in having locally available technologies that can produce newer and better product for the nation’s economic growth

Team Members

Name: Mohd, Izmir Yamin

Nationality: Malaysian

Date of Birth: 28th April 1982

Educational achievements

Izmir Yamin graduated from Universiti Teknologi Mara with a Bachelor (Honours) Degree in Mechanical Engineering; Aerospace Engineering diploma and Business Administration from Illinois Institute of Technology. He is a graduate engineer from the Institute of Engineers Malaysia and an affiliate Engineer from Institute of Mechanical Engineers. He is currently pursuing his Post Graduate Studies in Aeronautical Engineering in UiTM.

Entrepreneurial Achievements

Izmir has experience in running a Fuel Cell Technology for UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)/Ground Vehicle and CNC (Computerised Numerical Control) based company called Enviero Technologies in Shah Alam as Technical Director in business incubation training for 1 year. The experiences gained are Configuration and Engineering Management and the vast knowledge in research and product commercialization. Izmir holds various achievements, internationally and locally.

He is currently working as an Aerospace Stress Engineer in the development of Aircrafts for Strand Aerospace. He has demonstrated his strong leadership and analytical problem solving skill in the Eco-Shell marathon challenge in 2010 by leading a team of engineers to invent a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle.

His passion is to personally view and appreciate GOD’s creation in Space through the interest of Space Flight and Inventions. It has taken him to some successful projects and some of the inventions achieved were the creation of the Liquid Propellent Rocket, Solid Propellent Rocket, Pulse Jet Engine, High Speed Remote Control Aircraft, Low Subsonic Wind Tunnel, Remote Control Indoor Blimp, Hydroxyleum technology, CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) Hot Wire Cutter, Hydrogen fuel Cell powered UAV, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Urban Concept Vehicle, Robotics System, and Smart Thermo Electric Generator.

Izmir will also be focusing on the research and development of Smart Geo Tag Aerial Imaging, and materialize the prototype into commercial actualization. He will oversee the development of Smart Geo Tag Aerial Imaging from the software programming, using C language, to the integration of all system components. Geo-Tagging software & pinning, camera, servos for the control of the flight path, GPS, etc. His expertise is especially vital in the development of the entire UAV SMART Geo Tag Aerial Imaging.

Role in the Project

Izmir is also the Founder of Independence-X Aerospace, Chief Executive Officer for the only Malaysian and Southeast Asia team out of 16 teams worldwide participating in the Google Lunar XPRIZE, with the mission to launch a rocket to the Moon by 2017.

His success with Independence X has been published in Utusan Malaysia, The Star, Geo Magazine from Europe (Germany), MSNBC News, Market Wire, Asia Times,, CNN on his expertise in rocket building technology and his participation in the Google Lunar XPRIZE. His additional role would be on legality & international documentation liaisons of the project."

Team Members

Mohd Izmir Yamin

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