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About Us

Team Hakuto has been selected to compete for one of the Milestone Prizes: the Mobility Prize.

Hakuto is the only Google Lunar XPRIZE team based in Japan and has a unique network in that country’s media and space industry. The team consists of a lot of professionals from various field not restricted only space and science field including PR agent, artist, graphic designer, consultant, Lawyer, engineer, planetary scientist. The team focus its efforts on furthering the development of its rover. Hakuto’s lead engineer, Kazuya Yoshida is a professor of Aerospace Engineering at Tohoku University in Japan, and specializes in Dynamics and Control of Space Robots, Mechanism and Control of Planetary Rovers and Robotic Systems for International Space Station (ISS). Hakuto sees the Google Lunar XPRIZE as the beginning of the next wave of space exploration where the common person can be engaged as a contributor and not just a spectator.

Team Members

  1. Takeshi Hakamada
  2. Kazuya Yoshida

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