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C-Base Open Moon

About Us

The birth of the c-base Open Moon group took place at the c-base, a well known hacker-space in the former east side of Berlin, not far away from the place, where a certain Wernher von Braun and his colleagues made their first rocket experiments. It always has been a collecting point for all kind of technologically fascinated and versatile people, like computer specialists with a soft spot for science fiction or hardware hackers who loved to solder their antennas themselves. Nevertheless, shortly after the announcement of Neven Dološ at a regular meeting of the c-base board to take part in the Google Lunar XPRIZE, quite a lot of 'aliens', like non-members are called by c-base members, joined the team, so that we have now a quite good mixture between c-base locals and external experts. The actual team consists of men and (a few) women from all professional areas, like physics, business consulting, web-development, aerospace engineering and so on.

The core team consists of Neven Dološ, Head of Team, responsible for the economic perspective of the project. He's permanently checking all business options and trying to moviate local tech companies to join the mission. Dr. Ricarda Schallnus, co-head and innovation trainer, is the driving force considering the Open Innovation concept and its proper implementation into the Open Moon project. Thomas Weckend and Carsten Scharfenberg, our technical experts, have a considerable expertise in rocketry questions, and Alexander Last, PR-Manager and author, is managing all our communication chanels towards the commoonity and the public.

The main task of the c-base Open Moon group was fixed as being the nucleus of a movement in Germany for a return into Space and on the Moon. We know that almost all technology necessary for this mission can be recruited from local small and medium enterprises, which we want to motivate to join the mission by clearly showing the immense economic perspectives of private Space exploration.

That's the way we will accomplish our mission. This is a mission that has much larger implications than any other kind of economic exploration in the last 20 years. We believe in the power of sharing innovations for the benefit of all people and companies involved (and beyond), and therefore we are still open for new co-operations.

Because this time one thing is for sure,
there's enough Space out there for everyone.

Team Members

  • Neven Dološ
  • Open Moon
  • Team Leader:
    Neven Dolos

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