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About Us

ARCA is a non profit organization and its main objective is the exploration of space. In order to reach this objective, ARCA is working to the development of cost effective space vehicles. We are using technologies already existent, in an innovative way, that allow access to space on a large scale by reducing financial constraints.
In 10 years of activity, ARCA gained an unique experience, using the lowest budgets compared to its aerospace achievements.

  • Demonstrator 2B rocket, equipped with the world's first reusable composite materials rocket engine, that was launched in 2004, at Cape Midia Air Force Base
  • Stabilo aerospace system, that executed two flights. Mission 1, launched at an altitude of 14.700 m into the stratosphere and Mission 2 launched in 2007 at an altitude of 12.000 m above the Black Sea, with the help of the Romanian Navy, Romanian Air Force and ROMATSA.
  • Helen suborbital rocket, technological demonstrator for the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition, launched at October 1st 2010, on the Black Sea, during Mission 4B, at an altitude of 40 km.

Among the objectives of our space program:

  • developing the Haas 2C orbital rocket, capable of placing 300 kg in low Earth orbit;
  • testing the atmospheric deceleration parachutes for the ExoMars program of the European Space Agency - developing the IAR-111 Excelsior supersonic carrier plane;
  • winning the $30 million Google Lunar XPRIZE robotics and astronautics competition;
  • developing the Super Haas orbital rocket, capable of placing payloads of 2.5 tons into low Earth orbit.

Team Members

  1. Dumitru Popescu
  2. Bogdan Sburlea
  3. Dragos Muresan
  1. Elena Simona Popescu

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