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About Us

The main purpose of Team Angelicvm is to build a rover that will land on the surface of the Moon, comply with the competition requirements, and broadcast back to Earth a high definition music video that carries a message of faith, hope, peace and unity to the world. It is our hope that this message will reach across the globe and impact all of humanity for the better.

We want to create awareness of the problems that we face as a global community, and encourage the new generations to get involved and work together to make a difference. If we win the competition, we are hoping to use the prize money to continue supporting our cause of exploration, hope and unity; creating a movement that will outlive the competition and reach each and every heart.

Team Members

  • Jaime Robles
  • Mauricio Guerrero
  • Gerardo Rocha Haardt
  • Cristobal Rocha
  • Daniel Furukawa
  • Mauricio Guerrero Jr.
  • Jonathan Montes
  • Armando Azua
  • Benjamin Correa
  • Danny Caudillo
  • Jorge Vidal
  • Jose Rivera
  • Paul Sutin
  • Sebastian Guerrero
  • Chaniece Penn
  • Ian Houser
  • Kyle Welch
  • Isaias Elpes
  • Mirco Pecorari
  • Maurizio Cheli
  • Eduardo Lopez
  • Team Leader:
    Mauricio Guerrero

    Videos and Photos

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